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 Here is a link to directly download The Right Move by Liz Tomforde in PDF or EPUB format for free. The book is written in both English and Hindi.

The right move book pdf

About The Right Move Book PDF

Book Name:The Right Move pdf/epub
Author:Liz Tomforde
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.94 MB


Simply simply, she's a nuisance.

The last thing I needed when I was named captain of the Chicago-based NBA team the Devils was for my sister's best friend, Indy Ivers, to move in. I was the new Devils captain at the time. She's a hot mess, constantly in tears, and utterly intriguing.

It seems like the only way to get the team's general manager to stop openly opposing my elevation to Captain and calling me an unapproachable lone wolf who doesn't have a healthy work-life balance is to pretend to date my extroverted roommate. To my knowledge, this is the only viable option.

The one exception is that it's possible for a lie to read as too realistic.

Having a fake girlfriend wasn't meant to be this difficult, but Indy now lives with me and sleeps in my bed, which is a major inconvenience. Problems have arisen because she wants more romance in our relationship than I can give her at the present time.


I had no idea I'd be living with NBA player Ryan Shay, the brother of my best friend's best buddy. What more unbelievable thing could there be? As far as he's concerned, I'm his adoring girlfriend who's single-handedly turned him into a kind guy.

That is another way of saying that he is not. His personal space is tightly protected, and he has a profound distrust of strangers.

Nonetheless, our agreement does not give any side an unfair advantage. There is an upcoming wedding that will be attended by all of my childhood pals, including my ex-boyfriend, and there is no one more fitting for me to bring as a date than my exes idol.

The boundaries between reality and fiction continue to blur with passing years. Considering how quickly Ryan reminds me that he doesn't believe in love whenever I bring it up, falling in love with my roommate was never in the cards.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, my romantic nature insists that I hold out hope that he is actually someone else; yet, this leads me to wonder if it was wise to move in with my best friend's brother in the first place.

Author Bio: Liz Tomforde

Author Liz Tomforde's focus in the sports romance novels she has written is on showing characters in positive relationships. Dialogue between characters can be either humorous or profound in this author's works. Her male protagonists are formidable without being devoid of compassion, while her female heroines are fierce.

Liz is the sixth and final kid in a family of five boys. She has spent her whole life in California, from the time she was a baby. She has several interests and hobbies, like going on dates, exploring new places, playing with her dog, and watching hockey.

When not reading or hiking with her Golden Retriever, Luke, Liz may be found relaxing in her hometown of Sonoma County, California, far from the pressures of work and travel.

Brief Synopsis of the Book "The Right Move"


I'm almost speechless with amazement....

When I finally did meet Indy and Ryan, they just floored me.

After picking up this book yesterday afternoon, I knew I wouldn't be able to put it down till I finished it. A piece of Liz's writing is comforting and reassuring, like curling up with a warm blanket. The potential between Indy and Ryan had me stoked for this one, and OH DID MISS LIZ DELIVER at Mile High.

Inquiring minds want to know: what is my perfect book? One that can make me happy, sad, laughing, and cuddling under the covers.... LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU CAN CHECK THEM WITH THE RIGHT MOVE!

Stevie, closest friend and sister of Ryan, offers Indy a place to stay after she is dumped by her live-in lover of six years. This establishes the background for what happens in The Right Move. When the stunning, brash, and emotionally fragile Indy comes into Ryan's life, he can't help but find her irresistible and desire to let her keep her mess in his midst (literally and figuratively). Ryan, the 'leader' of the Chicago Bulls NBA club, is a loner who finds comfort in structure and regularity.

When Ryan's general manager (GM) primarily decides to call him a robot and says he doesn't endorse of his new promotion to captain due to his no work-life balance, and Ryan instantly replied saying that he does, in fact, have such a job satisfaction with his girlfriend Indy, I begin to wonder if we aren't actually getting a loving relationship here.

The thought crossed my mind, "OK, NOW YOU'RE SPOILING US, LIZ....

By fusing these two tired tropes, we were able to create the perfect pot of rising tension and roiling resentment.

This book has a lot going for it, and I do mean a lot.

Ryan spoiled Indy more than he could have imagined by showing his confidence in her and teaching her the value of putting her needs first. Although many people are interested in Ryan because of his fame as an NBA player, Indy sees him for who he really is: a decent human being.

Absolutely hilarious exchanges...

I burst out laughing at the following: how hot Ryan becomes when he's jealous (wink), fake dating, forced proximity/roommates, the one bed cliché, the brother of a wonderful buddy, and the concept of opposites attracting.

Could we talk about how Rio, Ily, the Madisons, Imy, and Vee and Zee all made brief appearances as well? Everything about it is perfect.

I let out a loud yell as I got to the last page and saw the pre order link for the next book. When I first met one of the characters in this book, I just KNEW he needed to be the star of his own story. Everything about it, from the idea to the clichés, will be just right. Oh yes, I am aware of it!!



Whether it's your story or someone else's, I appreciate the excellent writing. All of Liz's works I've read dealt with heavy topics like death, self-loathing, anxiety, and infertility, and she did a fantastic job of conveying the story and addressing the themes raised inside.

The Right Move Liz Tomforde Epub/Pdf Free Download

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