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Dragon Ball kai Ultimate Butouden For Android Download with Save Data

About Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden

Dragon Ball kai Ultimate Butouden is a 2D based game on Nintendo DS. The game first was released in Japan on 2011 & just after few months it gains so much popularity because of it's 3D graphics and good controls. This game contains all Dragon Ball Z characters Like:
Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Gotenks, Vegito,Trunks,Buu,Majin Buu,Super Buu, Kid Buu, Frieza, Majin Vegeta, Super Saiyan 3 Goku ETC. with their unique attacks like:
Super Spirit Bomb, Self Explosion, Final Flash, Vegito's Instant Transmission, Hand Sword, Father Son Kamehame Etc. with the great animations.
DBZ Kai Nintendo, DBZ Kai For Android

Game Features:

Story Mod

As you all know that every official game of Dragon Ball always starts with Story Mod battle in which you can unlock all the characters by completing all the sagas.
All Sagas:

So basically any Dragon Ball game normally starts with Raditz attack saga because the Raditz was the first villan of Dragon Ball Series then it comes to the popular Dragon Ball Z saga which is called "Frieza" saga. Frieza saga is like a tournament because in this saga there is so many fights with Frieza's soldier which makes it more interesting to play and as you all already know that at the rnd, super saiyan Goku will get unlock then the Android takes their places in the game & it's begin with Dr. Zero also called Android 20 so basically it's an incomplete saga because of Cell's unwanted entry between Androids and Saiyans, then all androids are absorbed by the Cell and Cell becomes perfect Cell, from here the real fight starts that's called Gohan vs Cell and in this fight Gohan beats Cell with the help of his father Goku by performing father son Kamehame Ha. In this saga Goku died in a fight with Cell and goes to the heaven. Now the future of Gohan is comes with Majin Buu saga, it's the last saga of this game. In this saga a lot of powerfull transformations and characters will get unlocked after completing. First of all the Majin Vegeta will fight with fat Buu after this Goku Fights with fat Buu in his Ssj3 form. Then Buu becomes thin and pure evil to destroy the Earth but then Vegito comes by fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Vegito has almost destroyed Evil Buu but he can't able to make him dead so in order to end this saga Goku has to use spirit bomb upon Kid Buu, after this attack Kid Buu Dies and the Whole Story Mod is ends now.

Challenge Mod

In the challenge there are fixed 10 fighters for you to defeat, if you able to defeat them all then challenge goes to the next level then you will face 15 fighters and they will as strong as you.

Free Battle

Free Battle is optional mod because it has no missions & sagas it's just for time pass. You have nothing to do with it except free fighting.

Survival Mod

Survival Mod is one Of the best option of this game because you can enjoy this feature whole day.

How To Install:

  • First of all you have to download Nintendo DS Emulator ( link is given below ).
  • Then download ROM file of Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden. size - 64 MB.
  • Then download save data file. Size 17 MB.
  • After download these 3 things you just need to paste the save data file into your internal storage and then install Nintendo DS ( Drastic ) emulator.
  • Now click on that ROM file then you will see an option of Drastic Emulator so just click upon that option and the game will start run.

ROM ( Game ) Link: 
Save Data Link:
I hope youu all understood the method, if you are facing any type of problem about installing this game so feel free to ask me via comment section and i will answer you as soon as possible.
Thanks For Visiting.
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